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Comparative advantages of inflatable rubber dams
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Since the last century China 60s introduced the production technology of rubber dam, rubber dam products are widely recognized by the domestic market for its environmental protection, conservation and other unique advantages, and the inflatable rubber dam bag which is by virtue of its own characteristics increasingly favored by the market.
At present, the rubber dam appearing on the market is divided according to its expansion medium, and mainly consists of the filling dam bag and the gas dam bag. From the point of view of market share, the water filling rubber dam occupy most of the market share of Chinese, and inflatable rubber dam and there is a great increase in space; while on the global market, and the development trend of the technology of rubber dam in the world, inflatable rubber dam is the worldwide trend, showing the trend of unification of international market. This phenomenon is difficult to understand and difficult to explain. But according to my many years of practical experience, I think the inflatable rubber dam in the world is so strong, mainly due to the following advantages, have certain advantages.
First, the operation and management of relatively convenient, free from seasonal changes. This is mainly reflected in winter, because the gas does not exist icing problem, the operation management model is quite the same, there is no obvious seasonal change. Water freezes at zero degree will make the water filling rubber dam in the cold period still effective operation, to solve the freezing problem is unavoidable.
Two is the inflatable dam bag, the dam is relatively full, and will not cause water blocking. The water filling rubber dam collapse not only need tying up land, and can also cause problems in certain water resistance after the collapse of the dam, about 50 cm of water blocking. Of course, this is mainly due to the existing structure of the water filled rubber dam. If it is possible to overcome this problem, it is only possible to amend the existing standards.
Three is inflated medium, easy to extract, inflated and simple. The inflatable medium of inflatable rubber dam is gas. It can be said that it has time and place everywhere, and the source is very abundant, and it can be used at any time and in full capacity, without the restriction of time and place. The water filling water dam should consider the water source of the medium filled with water. The rubber dam 5 meters high, for example, per meter of rubber dam would need 46 cubic meters of water to be filled into rubber dam, span 100 meters wide to 4600 cubic meters of water. Now, the width of rubber dam is several hundred meters or more kilometers, and the water source has become one of the problems that must be considered.
Four is inflatable dam bag dam collapse promptly and timely, can meet the flood season flood control emergency response.
The five is to meet the operational requirements of the inflatable rubber dam covers an area of more than the water filling rubber dam area has 15% to 35%; in order to save a lot of money such as dam engineering; high water filling rubber dam 2 meters, according to the standard requirements, dam foundation water flow width of 6.3 meters, and gas filling rubber dam foundation the same specification the water flow is 4.2 meters in width, saving infrastructure investment is 33%; the water filling rubber dam dam 1.5 meters high, according to the standard requirements of basic flow floor width of 4.6 meters, and the inflatable rubber dam requires only 3.7 meters, saving infrastructure investment 20%; the dam height of 1 meters of water filling rubber dam, according to the basic requirements of floor water flow standard width of 3.3 meters, and the inflatable rubber dam requires only 2.8 meters, saving infrastructure investment 15%;
Six, the transportation and installation of inflatable rubber dam are more convenient, which provides great convenience for the construction of rubber dam in small hydropower stations in mountainous areas;
The advantages of the inflatable rubber dam lead to an upward trend in the market share of the inflatable rubber dam in the international market. Of course, there is a relative shortage of inflatable rubber dams. Such as gas compression and inhomogeneity easily lead to notch; flood flow is relatively concentrated, strong on the downstream river erosion; and high airtight inflatable rubber dam and the requirements of inflatable rubber dam vibration, but these problems are all technical problems with the inflatable rubber dam production technology in our country gradually, the relative lack of the existing inflatable rubber dam has gone smoothly done or easily solved.
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