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The construction of Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone ha
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Xinhua news agency, Ji'nan, January 6, (reporter Yuan Junbao, Chen Hao) Shandong provincial government 6 evening bulletin, the State Council has officially approved the "Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone Development Plan", which marks the construction of Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone officially rose to national strategy and become an important part of the national marine development strategy and regional development strategy.
According to reports, the Shandong provincial government in January 4th, the State Council to the letter "2011 Document No. 1 approved the" Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone Development Plan ", this is the" national development strategy in 12th Five-Year, "the first year of the first approved, is China's first theme of marine economy regional development strategy, we should pay more attention to rubber dam project.
The Shandong provincial government said, "planning" the implementation is approved, China's regional development extending from land economy to major strategic initiatives, and actively promote the marine economic co-ordination, marking the national marine economic development pilot entered the implementation stage. According to the "planning", the strategic orientation of Shandong Peninsula blue economic zone is to build a strong international competitiveness of modern marine industry gathering area, with the world's advanced level of marine science and technology education, the core area of national marine economic reform pilot area and an important national marine ecological civilization demonstration area.
According to the "plan" put forward the goal, to 2015, modern marine industry system in Shandong Peninsula blue economic zone basically established, comprehensive economic strength has increased markedly, marine science and technology to significantly enhance the capability of independent innovation, and improve environmental quality, marine economy pattern of opening to the outside world continues to improve, the first to reach the general requirements of building a well-off society; to in 2020, built marine economic development, industrial structure optimization, the harmony between man and nature of the Blue Economic Zone, taking the lead in realizing modernization.
Shandong peninsula is the largest peninsula in China. It is an important junction between the Bohai rim region and the Yangtze River Delta region. It is the most convenient sea route for the the Yellow River River Basin and an important component part of the Northeast Asian economic circle. The scope of the planning of the main area of Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone, including Shandong, Dongying, Qingdao and all the waters of Yantai, Weifang, Weihai, Rizhao 6 city and Binzhou city of Wudi, Zhanhua 2 coastal county owned land, sea area of 159 thousand and 500 square kilometers, land area of 64 thousand square kilometers.
The Shandong provincial government said that in the new situation, vigorously develop the marine economy, accelerate the construction of Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone, to expand the space for development of national economy, maintaining the national security strategy; to accelerate the formation of a new economic growth pole, improve China's coastal economic overall layout; to promote the marine ecological civilization construction, promote the development of marine sustainable economic development; is conducive to improve the level of international cooperation in marine economy, the deepening of open coastal strategy in China is of great significance.
The Shandong provincial government, the State Council pointed out that the construction of Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone, is a major measure to thoroughly implement the party spirit of the the fifth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee, related to the implementation of China's global marine development strategy and improve the overall regional development strategy, the parties concerned should further enhance understanding, close cooperation, pioneering spirit, do solid work, to jointly promote the the fast development of Shandong Peninsula blue economic zone.
The requirements of the State Council, the implementation of the "planning" to hold high the great banner of socialism with China, Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" as guidance, thoroughly implement the the fifth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee Scientific Outlook on Development, conscientiously implement the party spirit, outstanding scientific development theme and fast change the main mode of economic development, to deepen the reform of the power optimization of marine economic structure. Strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, improve marine science support ability, innovative institutional mechanisms to promote land linkage development, promote the comprehensive management of the ocean, the Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone Construction has become the international advanced level of marine economy reform and development demonstration zone and the eastern coastal area of China is an important economic growth pole.
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