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The world's largest rubber industry conference - 2016 China
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With the theme of "innovation and development" Chinese rubber industry under the new normal, the arrangement of macroeconomic and industry analysis, Chinese tire and tire label, enterprise transformation and environmental protection and safety, Chinese rubber industry 2025, lean management, natural rubber and synthetic rubber, rubber dam engineering and other six parts for discussion and analysis. Nearly 1000 representatives from the domestic and foreign rubber industry attended the meeting.
"13th Five-Year" is China's economy into the new normal in the first five years, but also the stage to promote structural reform. Liu Peilin, vice minister and researcher of the development strategy of the State Council Development Research Center and the regional economic research department, encouraged the entrepreneurs of the rubber industry by borrowing a famous philosophical saying that optimism is a moral obligation. His analysis, although the rubber industry is facing many difficulties and problems, the economic slowdown, but this "new normal" is the symbol of industrialization reached a high level, is Chinese steady turning after the half cycle after Japan's economic development, has the similar experience. China's economy is undergoing a change, not a hard landing, but the throes of being reborn. He predicted that this year the economy will hit bottom, but not V rebound, only in the stable on the basis of a slight rebound. Only active transformation and upgrading of enterprises, in order to meet the arrival of spring, and the sooner the more active, and vice versa will be eliminated.
President of China Rubber Industry Association Deng Yali made a speech entitled "new normal, new opportunities, new development" report, a comprehensive summary of the economic operation of China's rubber industry during 2015 and 12th Five-Year, on the situation and problems facing the development of the industry are analyzed, the development prospects for 2016 and 13th Five-Year for the rubber industry forecast. She said, "13th Five-Year" period, the rubber industry to change the mode of development, adjusting the economic structure basically completed the task, and strive to improve the quality and efficiency of development. The overall economic performance is expected to rubber in the "13th Five-Year" period of stabilization, will be basically established in high growth platform.
Senior tire expert Xu Shuliang made the "tire industry challenges and how to respond" report. He combed the technical development of China's tire industry, analyzed the macro level and technical challenges faced by the tire industry, and proposed that the tire enterprises can only be invincible in the form of brand building. At the technical level to put forward 3 solutions: one is to improve the internal strength, from imitation design into the target design, strengthen quality control, lay the foundation for the tire design, process and quality system; two is one of the OEM market, the market as the touchstones of internal strength; the three is to invent.
China rubber industry exhibition was held in the same period, with a total of 138 standard booths, with an exhibition area of nearly 3000 square meters. Rich and colorful salon exhibitors interactive activities interspersed among them, including fairs, green packaging, rubber world synthetic elastomer market development, waste rubber green transformation forum, experts face to face and other content, the delegates to the conference and exhibition have more choices, get more information.
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