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New building isolation technology of laminated rubber bearin
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China business news network:
Tin Ka Ping Institute of education in Northwest Normal University recently successfully developed new technologies for laminated rubber bearings building isolation, and the Gansu earthquake prevention Office has decided to promote the project to all walks of life in the province.
The new technology of the housing isolation isolation layer is between the building foundation and superstructure to set upper bearings as the main body of the building, in order to prevent the seismic energy to buildings to spread, ground shaking and vibration housing separated, increase the security of the housing, to a great extent, ensure the construction of internal equipment, goods and personnel from damage. The experimental results show that the building safety using isolation technology is more than 90% higher than that of the ordinary anti-seismic buildings. At present, the same type of technology has been widely used in hospitals, banks, fire protection, electricity, highways, bridges and other major buildings as well as in various commemorative buildings and rubber dam projects.
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