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Cut oil pollution for China, "Qingdao made" Wai oil colum
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In April 20th, a rig on the Gulf of Mexico from Louisiana, Venice, leased by BP, exploded. Oil wells at the bottom of the rig began to leak in April 24th, spreading along the current to the east coast of the United states. After the incident, the United States government and the British oil company took active measures to intercept oil pollution. May 13th afternoon, the reporter learned that the British oil company and a Daocheng environmental protection enterprises signed the first purchase orders, 9600 meters of oil fence, the first batch of 4000 m booms will be flown to the United States on the evening of May 15th.
The workers packed the oil fence nervously
The explosion of the US Gulf of Mexico an oil rig BP leased after the oil spill occurred, with crude oil to the United States at present diffusion, the British oil company and a Chengyang environmental protection company signed a purchase booms and other equipment orders." On the afternoon of May 13th, Mr. Cong called our 96663 hotline to reflect the matter. At 2 pm that day, the reporter came along with Mr. Cong Guangming Qingdao Environmental Protection Technology Co., ltd..
Reporters saw the factory yard stacked with a large number of finished oil fence, dozens of workers are these enclosed oil bar for packaging. "Each section of the fence is 20 meters long and weighs 200 kilograms."." A worker told reporters that the package was difficult to fight, but in order to emergency, they have to speed up the packaging speed, but also to ensure quality. Reporters noted that workers in factories and workshops are working overtime to step up production.
According to Qingdao bright environmental protection technology Co., Ltd. Xu general introduction, they are invited to cooperate with Qingdao Blue Water Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., together with the British Petroleum supply. "Because the time limit for the project is very urgent, and the demand for the other party is large. We are going to prepare the workshop on the two floor and install the equipment for production."." Reporters saw that the workshop is about more than 500 square meters. "At present, the maximum production capacity of our company to work overtime is nearly every kilometer of the oil fence. When we put in additional equipment, the production will increase."." Xu introduced.
Sign the first order and purchase 9600 meters
Xu said that although the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, but the environmental problems related to the world, their companies can produce oil fence products, they are willing to work overtime to produce. "The cost of producing a 1 meter fence is about $350, but it's not important to make money now. It's important to be able to do your bit."." Xu said.
Subsequently, the reporter interviewed the Qingdao Blue Water Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Wang total. According to him, their company mainly produces oil fence and other environmental protection products, and received orders from the British Petroleum Company, he was the head of the company very anxious. "After all, this product inventory is very small, and the daily production is limited, but the other side of the demand is very large, we simply can not meet a company."." Wang said, he asked around and work together with other peer units Castle production to meet each other's needs. "In the past few days, several cooperative units for us Daocheng BP staff were investigated, they are very satisfied."
"In May 9th, we signed our first order with BP. The quantity was 9600 meters."." Wang said. Reporters learned that the two sides signed orders, the British oil company to pay a $500 thousand deposit, and considering the current Castle also did not have enough aircraft to transport the goods, the company also hired a Singapore company aircraft to transport the goods.
The first 4000 meters will go to America tomorrow evening
The spill of crude oil to the American coast has attracted the attention of the American government, and we are also very anxious. We hope that the oil fence will be transported to the United States in time. When these booms are packed, we will ship them to the airport, and on the night of May 15th, a cargo plane will arrive at Liuting airport and ship the first 4000 metre hurdles to the United states." Wang told reporters that after the production of their oil fence will be shipped to the United states.
Can see the oil fence Daocheng production into the United States, he was excited at the same time, there are tremendous pressure. "Although this is a business opportunity for us, after all, we have limited production capacity.". But anyway, we still hope to do something for them." Wang said.
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