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Company philosophy: take it from the society and serve the society
Company belief: the best product quality and service is the most effective way to return to society and customers
Development philosophy: dedicated to rubber dam bag front technology research, build international top rubber dam bag products
Company spirit: honesty, innovation, harmony and win-win development
Company aim: always do trustworthy Bi Haiyong, do respected enterprises
Blue sea vision: every river has a blue sea rubber dam bag, each blue sea rubber dam bag is a model project, the achievement of the blue river environmental protection River governance experts!
Company talent view: how big is the heart and how big is the stage?! As long as you have the ability, the blue sea is willing to achieve your dream. The blue sea is willing to join hands with you to create brilliant!
Always make people trust the blue sea, and always do respected enterprises
"Trust" is a moral standard between human beings, people, organizations and organizations, people and organizations. "Keep faith, selfless desire", is a trustworthy person, should be a group of people consisting of enterprise's moral standard; "let people trust" a "let" reflects the active behavior of the blue sea, "let" words first, Blue first respect the people, dedication in the front, said to do, to win trust by action. On the promise of the owners, we promise to do, never breach of contract; the obligations of society should be fulfilled, never retreat.
Respect is an attitude, an attitude of respect, admiration, and importance. "Respect others is to respect yourself, is one to win the respect of people's behavior, it should be a team organization enterprise work standards;" respected "a" word "means get first pay, with sincere dedication to win customers a reasonable return on the concept of labor in the face of every order to quality, integrity, and love to customers to win the competition. In the face of every opponent, we respect each other's living space, not bullying, bullying, to the enterprise character to win peer recognition and admiration.
The sea in the environmental protection industry's journey, hard struggle, also experienced wind and rain, bathed in sunshine, is relying on us to "keep the promise" and "respect", is relying on "will persevere the Faith moves mountains," "always do". "People trust the blue sea" and "respected enterprises" come down in one continuous line, with the former may bring the latter, with the latter more set off the former is precious.
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